Chevington Village Civic Association

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About Chevington Village

Chevington Village is physically located in the un-incorporated portion of Violet Township. Therefore, we are not residents of the city of Pickerington. However, we are in the Pickerington Local School District that was known as the Violet Township School District until the late 1930’s. We pay the school income tax, but not the Pickerington City income tax or City license plate fee. Ohio property taxes are collected the year after they are assessed and the method of computing them is quite different from almost every other state. Talk to someone who can explain it and be an educated taxpayer. Chevington Village residents are in Fairfield County voting precinct “Violet-L”.

The CVCA pays the electric bill for the entryway lights at Refugee/Education, Refugee/Village Way, and Milnor/Village Way. The deed restrictions require each homeowner to have operable front yard lights and these serve as our subdivision’s street lighting.

The Chevington Village Civic Association publishes a short newsletter known as the “Village Voice”. Normally, it is distributed 2 times per year (Spring, Fall). On occasion, special editions are published.

The subdivision sponsors a garage sale day each spring and fall. Check the calendar for dates. The purpose is to increase overall buyer traffic on these days and minimize outsider traffic through the subdivision at other times.

As provided for in the deed restrictions, the CVCA has assumed those rights, privileges, and powers that were originally retained by the Easton Village Company.

Chronological Historical Items

2016 - Chevington Village is represented on the community website "Nextdoor" and the CVCA official website is changed to:

2008 - Violet Township celebrates its bicentennial. The CVCA participates in the entryway decorating event by adding violet colored flowers and adding banners.

2007 -

2006 -

2005 - The subdivision’s greenspace receives its first ever “tree trimming” to eliminate dead wood from the trees.

2004 -

2003 - Fairfield County Utilities begins dismantling the old package sewage plant that was originally built to service the subdivision. The space will be held as a greenspace area.

The Pickerington Local School District completes the Pickerington North High School and Lakeview Junior High School facilities. Both open for use in September 2003. Chevington Village students previously attended what is now known as Pickerington Central High School.

2002 - Developers of the Spring Creek and Wellington Park subdivisions on our east and south borders are offered incentives in “pre-annexation agreements” by the city of Pickerington and propose to annex. Violet Township challenges the legality of these agreements in court. The Fairfield County Commissioners turn down the annexation request and the city challenges their decision in court. The Easton Village Recreation Club folds and donates the pool facility and land to the Pickerington Youth Athletic Association. The pool opens for the summer season as a PYAA facility. George Parsley begins and completes construction of a twin single on the last remaining vacant lot in the subdivision.

2001 - The Easton Village Recreation Club experiences problems with the swimming pool and elects not to open.

2000 - In conjunction with Violet Township and other neighboring civic associations, CVCA representatives negotiate desired design concept changes with the developer of the Wellington Park subdivision (will be built to our south and connect to Village Mill).

Fairfield County Utilities completes construction of a waste transfer system and shuts down the package sewage treatment plant that had served the subdivision since its inception. Our wastewater now goes to the Tussing Road Treatment Facility. The old plant was designed to service Chevington Village, Countrywood, and a small tract east of Milnor that the Easton Village Company had planned to develop.

1999 - CVCA plays leading role in negotiating changes to planned Spring Creek subdivision (to our east) and its access to Milnor Road.

1991 - Construction of the new Pickerington High School is completed and classes at the new facility begin in the fall of 1991. The previous high school building is converted for use as the Junior High School.

1982 - The subdivision’s swimming pool is completed and opens for a short season in August.

1981 - The subdivision’s swimming pool is designed and approved for construction on a site next to Violet Elementary. The site was changed from the “greenspace” reserve along the creek at Easton Drive due to floodplain concerns. The effort of the CVCA’s pool committee results in the formation of the “Easton Village Recreation Club, Inc.” to be the pool’s operating entity.

1978 - Donley Homes constructs over 100 homes in Chevington Village to be the majority builder in the subdivision. The CVCA wins its case in the Fairfield County courts to enforce the deed restrictions.

1977 - The “Chevington Village Civic Association, Inc.” is incorporated by the developer as stated in the warranty deed.

Early-1970’s - Easton Village Company formed with C & G Development (Kenneth Carpenter and Clarence Grundey) as managing partners.

Note: For our “old timer” residents: Got some other items you’d like to see added? Submit them to a CVCA trustee.